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Are you one of the T-shirt Design maestros? Can you make a T-shirt come to life with your designs? Do you think you can convert your special talent into promoting your event or making some extra pocket money? Do you want to create a nostalgia wave in a main event with your theme t-shirts?


Special occasions need extraordinary trinkets, and shirts are consistently an incredible alternative. 

Whatever your reasons, the basics of shirt configuration continue as before; it’s how you deal with them that matters. 

The  t-shirts are something you give away to keep your brand in the minds of prospective event attendees.

This could be something parted with at shows, gatherings, other limited time occasions or even an abandon at a business conference.

Screen printing is so far the most mainstream and the best technique to print custom attire today. Ordinarily, organizations place their shirt orders in mass, and when the amount is more, screen printing is the solitary viable method to complete the request.

Screen Printing features:

  1. The screen printing gives room for your sponsors, and is an awesome way to offer advertising.
  2. This printing method utilizes a stencil onto the fabric; the ink does not soak in the fabric but stays on the top of it.
  3. If you want an impactful logo on your event t-shirt, screen printing is the best printing method.
  4. You can create amazing prints such as drawings, shapes, illustrations, and so on with the help of screen printing.
  5. Screen printing offers quality at an entirely reasonable cost. This is the best strategy for mass printing orders. 
  6. The ink used in screen printing is more opaque. Hence, the prints of screen printing look more impactful.

“Without any doubt, the results of TeePrint Screen Printing are unbeatable“

Screen Printing Variations

There are a number of variations which can be utilized with screen printing to produce bold, creative, and stand out finishes and effects.

1. Puff printing technique:

Puff screen printing can create an eye-catching design to make you stand out of the crowd. The process has the same setups and processes as standard screen printing, but it allows excellent, special 3D effects to be applied to the design.

It can help you in full design a raised effect or limit it to certain elements within the design to give it the desired effect and to bring more attention to a specific point

2. Gel printing:

Gel Screen Printing adds a layer of high density gel on top of your screen printed shirt making an astounding, beautifying 3-D looking covering that truly makes the printed design stick out. Gel printing gives your pieces of clothing a sparkling plastic like covering that will wear for a long time.

3. Crackle finish:

In Crackle finish Screen Printing the ink breaks up once it has dried, for a beautiful, cracked effect.

4. Glow in the dark finish:

This screen printing technique is an adaptable printing technique, meaning that it works well on nearly all types of clothes, with the exception of clothes which feature long fibres, for example, fleeces.

Glow in the dark finish is a great option for Marketing and PR agencies that have clients who want something that will differ from the standard mainstream screen printed designs.

The glow in the dark finish appears white in the day and glows with bright colours in the dark.  This print glows to its best when under sunlight for 30 seconds and when walked into a dark room.

5. UV glow finish:

The ink glows when exposed to UV rays.

6. Suede finish:

Additive added to the screenprinting ink makes the printed image puff up to a suede-like finish and has an amazing, textured finish.

7. Glitter finish:

In this the sparkling glitter is added to the screen printing ink.

The Pros of Screen Printing

  • Screen T-shirt printing produces high quality prints.
  • The technique produces bold, vibrant colours as the inks are usually thicker than those used in other printing techniques.
  • Screen Printing best in terms of speed and efficiency. Once the screen has been made, the screen printing process is actually the quickest of the month. 
  • This method is versatile, which allows to mix up any colour of choice and create special finishes. Some printing machines have screens big enough that cover an entire T-shirt which results in overall printing.
  • Screen printed designs offer great durability. Due to the thick inks, it  has been known to keep their vibrancy for years and years.
  • A variety of screen printing inks are available which can be used to create a variety of effects and textures.
  • The same setup is required for one T-shirt as 5,000 T-shirts prints, so it’s perfect for bulk orders (do checkout TeePrint for high quality printing and bulk T-shirt orders).

Some most common misconceptions about Screen Printing Inks.

Screen Printing Inks are not Environment friendly.

Water-based ink for Tshirt printing is an environmentally friendly printing option. After the printing, screens and equipment can be washed off using conventional water, and is safe to be drained unfiltered.

The organic water-based inks are better for the skin and produce a printed T-shirt that feels lighter and more breathable, enhancing their wearability.

Screen printing looks good only on uniforms

This is not true. Screen printed T-shirts are perfect and commonly used for giveaways, for event promotions, merchandising and much, much more.

Benefits of Screen Printed T-shirts for you Event

  1. Employees get shirts for solidarity, appreciation or perhaps even a company uniform.
  2. Applying the same design quality and cleverness as you would a billboard advertisement will help to promote your event.
  3. T-shirts provide exposure every-time a person wears them in public, especially if the owner likes the T-shirt and wears it often.

To get the most effective design, move away from your personal preference and rely more on real, quantifiable data. Who are your target clients/customers? What brand type do they want to do business with?

How to Design and Where to get your T-shirts Printed

100% Free! This website allows you to design your own custom merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies etc ( also known as print on demand) by a simple designing portal and order them too at your doorstep.

The t-shirts are a product you planned on selling, so make sure to factor in style, marketability and business strategy.”

You should ask a few questions to yourself before thinking of designing the T-shirt.

What is the first thought you get when you look at this shirt?

Who is this shirt for?

Closing Thoughts!

  1. Number of colours you can use in your design will depend upon your Budget. Depending upon your printing method, additional colors may cost more. If your budget is very tight, a good way to save is conserving colors.
  2. Screen Printing is a reliable standard for Event T-shirt printing. It is affordable and of high quality. 
  3. Ideal for large orders over 20.This is the gold standard for t-shirt printing.

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